Do Not Use IngramSpark for Pre-orders

Amazon (Createspace, now KDP) has never allowed pre-orders without a lot of Amazon Assoc. hoops, so we were thrilled to use IngramSparks pre-order capability.

What a disaster.

As soon as the ms. was loaded — in one case, 5 months ahead of the publication and on-sale date — IngramSpark began to print and ship to Amazon’s distribution warehouses. In the case above, those books were ARCs with the NOT FOR SALE and publisher information clearly boxed on the back. These books were then sold to customers — five months later — when the book launched.

The above example is not the only one we’ve experienced this year. IngramSpark does not answer the phone and only responds to email with boilerplate blamelessness.

The only way I can see to stop IngramSpark from printing and distributing proof copies ahead of the pub / on-sale date is to not put a price on the book.