Print marketing is essential if you wish to sell your books to bookstores or request reviews from individuals and media.

A SELL SHEET is the entry ticket to both bookstores and reviewers. Just tuck one inside a copy of your book and send it off.

It's like a press release, but much better.

Our SELL SHEET PLUS package takes care of the distribution. We will target bookstores and complementary media and send your SELL SHEET and a link to the digital book.


Sell sheets, or tip sheets, are printed material that can be mailed (or emailed) to potential reviewers or booksellers.

Sell sheets contain ordering information, the size of the book, an image of the cover and a quick synopsis. Optimally, the sell sheet also includes a couple of endorsements.

Mission Point sell sheets will be formatted according to our packaging design.

You can choose to distribute these yourself or we will do it for you using our Point Plus custom-targeted emails.  (See below.)


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Leave the distribution of your SELL SHEET in our hands. We'll send a digital version of the Sell Sheet to your state's bookstores,  libraries and media. We'll follow that up with a crafted press release offering speaking opportunities to organizations television and radio. We’ll also work with you to target five different media organizations and/or bookstores with a personalized press release plus contact information so that you can follow up with them.




Mission Point Press can help you publicize your book, getting it mentioned or reviewed in print and digital publications and on TV and radio. We can also help you promote your work by arranging interviews with media and setting up signings and other appearances at book stores and libraries. We can even help develop strategies for reaching special target audiences.

We’ll meet with you to discuss publicizing your book and get back to you with a proposal and cost estimate for your approval. Normal approximate costs are as follows, although some of these costs can be higher depending on the scope of your project:

  • Strategy development for marketing to regional or special-interest audiences.

  • Press release writing and distribution, including email pitch (cover letter), to existing media lists.

  • Media relations (press release follow-up and interview coordination).

  • Book tour – contacting bookstores and libraries, arranging appearances.

  • Research and development of new custom or special-interest media-contact databases (no charge for using media contact lists we already have).



Mission Point Press can create an author website for you, using Squarespace technology. We offer three options:

BASIC: a good option for the first-time author

• unlimited information about one book

• unlimited information about the author

• “buy the book" purchase options

• connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Cost: $500

Review a sample of a BASIC website.

BASIC & BLOG: for authors wishing to grow a social media presence

• unlimited information about one book

• unlimited information about the author

• “buy the book" purchase options

• connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

• blog with connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Cost: $750


PROFESSIONAL: a multi-page website for authors with a series or collection of books

• unlimited information about books

• unlimited information about the author

• “buy the book" purchase options

• connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

• book excerpts

• blog with connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

• calendar

Cost: $1,000

Review a sample of a multi-page website.

And another sample here.

In addition to the base fee, we'd charge:

 • $75 for the account setup with the site's host, Squarespace and the purchase of a domain customized for you or your book. (If you already own a domain, we can use that.) Squarespace would invoice you separately for hosting. You can pay monthly, but it's cheaper to pay annually. Currently, the annual rate is $144. 

• An optional $100 for the first 12 months of content updating of your calendar and blog, if you have those. You would write the content for those updates, but we would take care of the uploading. We would invoice you $45 for each year thereafter. This is optional: Some authors are comfortable posting their own updates.

• If you have major changes to make to the website after the initial setup — say, you've authored a second book and so want to redesign the home page — we would charge $50/hour for that work. 



Mission Point Press now offers state-wide distribution services. Our primary purpose is to connect authors who have written books about Michigan with Michigan's bookstores and other retail outlets.

Contact Doug Weaver to learn more about this service.

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